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Memcached Accelerates Faster: Caching Beyond RAM, Riding the Cliff

Memcached is back! While the previous article explored how to expand memcached beyond limited memory using extstore, Dormando now returns to explore what happens as …

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memcache without the mem? With Optane!

Memcache is the most common way to speed up queries, by caching common results in memory. But memory is expensive and volatile. Can you have …

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LMDB and RocksDB Rocking Optane

In yet another excellent and fruitful partnership, Howard Chu of Symas tested LMDB and RocksDB on Optane in the Packet+Intel lab. The tests really pushed …

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MariaDB: ColumnStore on Optane with IMDT

We had the pleasure of having the MariaDB team, lead by VP Engineering David Thompson, benchmark MariaDB on various configurations: Optane vs NAND, Optane with IMDT …

read story   → VMware vSAN with Intel Optane Review

VMware vSAN with Intel Optane Review follows up its past reviews of VMWare’s hybrid vSAN and its all-flash vSAN, with an independent review and …

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Nasdaq: Baidu Uses Optane to Enhance AI

Intel INTC recently teamed up with Baidu BIDU to aid it in accelerating various artificial intelligence (“AI”) driven processes, comprising finance, shipping and video processing …

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Selected Blog: Optane for MySQL, When It Matters

Today’s article is from Dmitri K, who put MySQL through its paces, comparing how it performs when the underlying store is a SATA SSD vs …

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Memcached: An Accelerate With Optane Story

Question: How do you combine memcached, an ultra-high-performance cache system that depends on running entirely in RAM, with a dataset that is just too large …

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Selected Blog: Reducing DRAM footprint with NVM in Facebook

Today’s article is from Adrian Colyer’s always interesting and impossibly broad-ranging “The Morning Paper.” Adrian takes us through the paper, describing how innovative and wise …

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Selected Blog: MySQL Performance : 1M *IO-bound* QPS with 8.0 GA on Intel Optane SSD !

Today’s selected blog is from Dimitri Kravtchuk. Dimitri set MySQL to use with Intel Optane drives as the underlying disk store, and configured it to get to 1MM random I/O reads per second.

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