Dear Software Ecosystem, Meet Intel® Optane™ Technology!

Breakthrough Performance


faster at low queue depth

Ultra Endurance


drive writes per day

Responsive Under Load

UP TO40x

faster response time under work load

Predictably Fast Service

UP TO60x

better at 99% QoS

Here’s the deal: Intel has this great technology, but it’s new.  Instead of shipping every project on GitHub sample drives, we decided that giving access through the Packet platform made a lot more sense. Et voila!

It’s really quite basic: if you think a project you’re involved with can see benefit from Optane, then we should talk. A great way to get it going is to request access to infrastructure, and tell us about your project.

Request Access   →

Love and respect…or at least some publicity!  We’re flexing both Packet and Intel marketing muscles to help tell the stories of projects and applications that benefit from Optane technology.

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